About Lowcountry Male - Men's Health & Vitality Clinic Charleston SC

Lowcountry Male Vita ID Process

At Lowcountry Male, our goal is to re-calibrate your body to perform at its optimal level. This begins by evaluating your baseline bio-markers and implementing a plan that restores you to your younger self. Our unique Vita ID process examines an intricate web of factors. Each component of the web works in concert with the others to make up how you feel and perform. If one area is out of tune with the others, you may experience unpleasant fluctuations in your emotions, sex drive, weight, and energy. Lowcountry Male is dedicated to evaluating your current overall health, applying individualized prescribed treatments, and monitoring your progress for optimal vitality.

The key to evaluating, diagnosing, and improving your optimal health is our four-step Vita ID process. The Vita ID process offers you a comprehensive and customized overview of your current health, educates you on your unique needs, and prescribes treatments and supplements under the guidance of our expert medical staff.

Step 1. Blood Panels

In order to fully assess your current health, we begin with a comprehensive diagnostic blood screen. This gives our medical staff insight into crucial aspects of your health and allows us to locate deficiencies and determine their causes. Equipped with this data, we can begin to develop treatments for your specific health needs.

Step 2. Evaluation

Physical Exam, Consultation, and your Vita ID

After an extensive review of your blood screen, our clinical team meets with you for an hour to conduct a physical exam and assess your health concerns, goals, and current lifestyle. The blood panels, exam, and consultation provide us with the data we need to create your Vita ID and address your personal health goals. Our comprehensive approach allows us the insight needed to revitalize your life.

After your consultation, Lowcountry Male will complete your Vita ID identifying specific bio-markers. These are used to track and treat the causes of any imbalance in your body’s levels. The Vita ID process also allows our medical specialists to identify any factors that could lead to your body functioning at less than optimal levels and to prescribe options for treatment in our office.

Step 3. Execution

Sexual Performance, Hormone Replacement, and Neutraceuticals.

Our doctors know that your health, hormones, and sexual performance are all interrelated. Unlike some general practitioners or T-Shot clinics, we do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution to your sexual health needs. We offer in-office, personalized procedures and customized medications to revitalize your sex life, decrease stress, and detoxify your body. Using your Vita ID as a guide, our medical team can address your unique health needs to increase your vitality and rejuvenate your life.

Sexual Performance: Lowcountry Male offers cutting edge, safe and painless Platelet Rich Plasma procedures like the P Shot™. The P Shot™ enhances and revitalizes the penis by using your own blood and platelets to make your penis bigger, stronger, and harder. This cutting edge treatment can help with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, as well as enhance sexual sensation and stamina.

Nutraceuticals: At Lowcountry Male, we offer a full suite of customizable, performance enhancing, hydrating, and balancing Nutraceuticals. Your Vita ID will illuminate areas in your web of health in need of balancing. Equipped with the data from Steps 1 and 2, we can infuse your body and life with nutrient-rich IVs and pellets which will replenish your systems and revitalize your daily life.

Step 4. Follow up and Reassessment

Your Patient Advocate

At Lowcountry Male, your in-office consultation and treatments are just the start of your overall optimization. You will be assigned a Patient Advocate whose sole task is to guide you through this transformation. Your Vita ID will lay out detailed instructions that accompany your individualized plan, and your Patient Advocate will follow up to help you stay on track. We also perform follow-up labs at no cost to you every four months to monitor your levels. If you ever have a question, your Patient Advocate or Physician will be at your service.