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Low Testosterone Therapy Charleston

When men face challenges in their sexual health, it can affect their overall physical and emotional well-being. We offer a full range of treatments to address sexual and erectile dysfunction and to help you regain your vitality, passion, and performance including erectile enhancement therapy.

About Erectile Enhancement Therapy

Erectile enhancement therapy helps restore vitality, sexual health and ability to perform, increasing satisfaction and sexual pleasure for both you and your partner. Approximately 40% of men suffer from some form of erectile or sexual dysfunction. We work with you to address these issues with a personalized regimen that will help you safely regain your ability to fully enjoy and engage in sexual activities.

What to Expect

When you come in for your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your medical history and current challenges and concerns. We’ll run a full evaluation of your health and discuss your goals and expectations. When we have a clear picture of your physical and sexual health, we can begin to build an effective plan for moving forward and ensuring that you can fully enjoy sexual activities again.


Treatments like the Priapus Shot, or “P-Shot” serve to enhance blood flow to your penis, increasing your stamina, size, and passion. It’s a painless procedure that utilizes the same technology as a nerve block, engaging the natural growth factors found in your own blood to rejuvenate and revitalize your sexual drive and health. Other treatments include medications and supplements, as well as testosterone replacement therapy. Your individual treatment plan will depend upon your specific needs and goals.

Is It Right For Me?

Every man is different, but the challenges of erectile dysfunction are all too common. You’re not alone in this struggle. Come in to our clinic for a full work up and consultation, and get started on the road to better sexual health today. Don’t let embarrassment or fear hold you back from enjoying your best sexual health ever.

All Testosterone Replacement Therapy Testing is Covered by Insurance

All Lab Work is Included or Reimbursed 60%

Patient Testimonials

  • "They had everything I needed in the office, and it was all within my price range. Within two weeks, my libido was functioning like I was back in my twenties. I never thought that I would have gotten these results from a little tweaking of my system. What I like best is that they keep up with me and know me personally. I feel like they are looking out for my best interest, not just making a buck."
  • "I went to check out these guys bc I thought i may have low T due to a lack of energy. I got on a testosterone plan so that i could have more energy and get in better shape. My T went from 300 to 1000 and i feel like i did back in my 20's. I also figured out i was deficient in vitamin D but they got all my levels up into the optimal range."
  • "Very fair and honest business. When a visit got delayed they made right by it without me asking. Cheaper prices on male meds. Luv the soft tabs."
  • "Everyone was great here. Excellent service and very affordable. Charleston has needed such a place for a long time. They make it very easy to keep your health in check."
  • "Professional and personalized. Love this place! Highly recommend checking it out."
  • "Doing fine this am. Just wanted to say thanks for how easy you guys made the experience for me. I was very anxious about receiving the P shot and almost changed my mind. Stephanie was very professional and caring during the process. She did a excellent job of calming my nerves by carefully explaining ever step of the process. She is a jewel! Great staff and team work at Low Country Male!"

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