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Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Charleston, SC

Human growth hormone replacement is the natural way to maintain optimal health and relieve the symptoms of aging. This natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland has anti-aging properties. As a child and adolescent, it is necessary for normal growth development of the entire body.

HGH helps our bodies burn fat and build muscle. As HGH declines, our bodies metabolism starts to slow down.HGH is our body’s natural way of keeping us young and in optimal shape. The pituitary gland slows production of HGH as we age, but you do not have to endure the symptoms of aging as you used to. Men and women can start to feel the tapering off of HGH in their system as young as their 20s. This HGH depletion can impact weight gain, sleep, stamina, and sex drive.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Men 

Some of the benefits of HGH treatment for men include:

Increased energy
Increased muscle and bone mass
Optimized immunity
Improved recovery and sleep
Fat loss
Mental clarity and improved moods
Skin improvements
Maximized mental function
Enhanced libido and sexual desire

Symptoms of Low Growth Hormone 

Some of the symptoms of low growth hormone include:

Decreased muscle mass and strength
Decreased sexual function and interest
Difficult to concentration and lack of memory
 Constant fatigue
Anxiety and/or depression
Hair loss or thinning
 Heart problems
High levels of LDL cholesterol
Insulin resistance
Lower tolerance to exercise
Reduced bone density
Weight gain around the waist
Dry, thin skin

Growth Hormone Treatment Options

Proper medical intervention may be necessary to improve your growth hormone deficiency. We will check your blood levels of IGF1 along with other important parameters and determine if you are a candidate for our Growth Hormone Replacement Peptide programs.

We use the following peptides in our Growth Hormone Therapy plans:




HGH Fragment

At Lowcountry Male, our physicians will recommend an appropriate growth hormone peptide plan based on your lifestyle and needs. If you are interested in growth hormone replacement therapy, come visit us at one of our convenient locations in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, and Summerville. We strive to deliver medically-based solutions to human growth hormone deficiency and other conditions of aging affecting men in the Charleston area.

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