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Have Low Testosterone?

Low Testosterone Replacement Clinical Therapy at Lowcountry Male

How does testosterone affect a man’s life?

Testosterone is a hormone from the androgen group. Early in a man’s life it is crucial for muscle development, sex drive, and Low Testosterone Therapy Charlestonhair growth. As men age into their late twenties, their testosterone levels naturally decrease and, in turn, their vitality wanes; this is called andropause. Testosterone levels can also be depleted by stress, diet, toxins or imbalances in other hormones.


What does low testosterone feel like?

In the past thirty days have you felt tired, irritable, or distracted? Have you found yourself having to workout much harder to achieve the same results? Have you experienced any difficulty getting or maintaining an erection? These are all common symptoms of low testosterone. Many times men feel as if these are fact of aging, but they are not. Sometimes, these symptoms can be misdiagnosed and mistreated as depression. Low testosterone is a serious issue, and you do not have to suffer with this condition any longer.

Low testosterone should be treated by a specialized doctor. Lowcountry Male is equipped to test your testosterone levels, diagnose potential deficiencies, determine other consequences of deficiency (like Heart Disease, Diabetes and possibly Alzeihmer’s) and counsel you towards the best solution for your needs.

What can be done at Lowcountry Male?

At Lowcountry Male, our medical team is equipped to address your specific testosterone needs during our VitaID process and prescribe a regimen of treatment that can cure these symptoms. Many times men think issues with mood or energy are inescapable and relatively harmless facts of aging. This is FALSE. We don’t lose our hormones because we age we age because we lose our hormones.

Developments in science and medicine have made the effects of low testosterone curable. The procedures are simple, natural, and affordable. Lowcountry Male’s unique VitaID and Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT, can change the way you play, work, and feel.

Low Testosterone Replacement Options:

  • Bio Identical Testosterone Pellets: Our team can implant testosterone pellets in the soft tissues in your thigh or buttocks. Pellets provide continuous low levels of Testosterone to you for a period of 3 -4 months. This can generally be extended for up to 6 months once we reach your optimum dose and blood level.
  • Testosterone Injections: Testosterone can also be injected directly into the muscles of your thigh or lateral buttocks every 7 – 10 days. The mixture we use is a combination of both short and intermediate acting Testosterone so there is “ramp up” time required for you to feel results. You will be trained to administer these injections at home or you can always come to the office and have our trained staff administer the shot for you.
  • Bio Identical Testosterone Creams: These are applied once or twice daily to your skin. Creams are the easiest way to manage your dose as they can be changed on a daily basis.

TRT and Your VitaID

Your VitaID determines your testosterone replacement therapy under the guidance of our doctor and an entire team dedicated to your wellness. This is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. It is a customized and individualized program of action for you to improve your energy, sexual performance, and mood. Your VitaID will allow our team to assess your current testosterone levels, prescribe the most beneficial treatment, and track your progress as you begin to feel stronger, more energetic, and virile.

Testosterone therapy is a natural, safe, way to revitalize male sexual performance and increase youthful energy while encouraging muscle mass, reducing body fat, improving mood, and enhancing quality of life.

Not only will you notice and feel results, the people around you will notice the difference in you. You’ll be able to achieve and succeed in ways you did not think were possible.

Your Guide To Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Charleston SC

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