Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Defy aging, enhance fitness, and increase your quality of life! Our Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy options help to restore muscle mass and increase metabolism. We offer Sermorelin Acetate therapy which is a safe alternative to HGH injections.

Male Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Center Charleston South CarolinaBeginning around age 20 our growth hormone levels decline. This decline is not necessarily “natural” as our need for Growth Hormone persists until death. It is simply that we did not live long enough in the past for us to notice the need.


Symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

  • Increased abdominal fat
  • Reduced vitality and Energy
  • Reduced Strength
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity
  • Reduced Muscle Mass
  • Longer recovery times
  • Depression and Anxiety

To counter the effects of growth hormone decline we utilize Sermorelin therapy and specialized nutraceuticals designed to repair and rebuild lost muscle tissue.

How does Sermorelin Therapy work?

Sermorelin is a complex series of amino acids that encourage the release of growth hormone that helps to stop, and even reverse, effects of aging. Sermorelin sends a message to your pituitary gland to release Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is crucially important for energy, muscle growth, and bone strength. It can also improve your skin and hair all while enhancing sleep quality and speeding muscle repair.

Sermorelin is the safe alternative to Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, injections. It mimics the natural release of growth hormone and has shown no adverse side effects.

Who can benefit from Sermorelin?

Men or women can safely increase their body’s own growth hormone to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, and reduce the visible signs of aging. This revolutionary therapy can reshape your body and enhance your mental capacity. Sermorelin has been shown to increase bone density and skin elasticity. Do you work out? Are you careful about what you eat? Are you still not seeing the results you would like? Sermorelin can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. If you want to look and feel younger, this therapy might be just what you are looking for.

What does Lowcountry Male offer?

Lowcountry Male offers a concierge growth hormone replacement programs starting at around $10 per day. Our concierge plan includes medication, labs, and all of your office visits. Come meet one of our patient advocates and explore the myriad of options we can provide for your health and wellness needs. Our Physician and your Patient Advocate will help you decide on the right plan for you. So whether it’s Sermorelin or one of our other services (testosterone replacement therapy, IV Nutrient therapy or nutritional supplements), you will be able to see and feel a difference in your physical appearance, mood and energy level.

Benefits of Sermorelin

Besides the obvious advantages of sermorelin detailed above, you may want to know how you can benefit from using this therapy.
  • Enhances your workouts and speeds recovery
  • Energy, overall strength, and intensity increase
  • Increased libido
  • Improved mental acuity and focus
  • Adds muscle mass, sharpens muscle definition
  • Promotes deeper and more restful sleep
  • Fuller and healthier looking hair
  • Develops and increases new muscle cells and lean muscle growth
  • Speeds recovery from injury
  • Bolsters immune system functionality
  • Breaks down and reduces body fat
  • Increases bone density and overall health

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