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Erectile Dysfunction Medical Clinic for Male, Treatment for Men Charleston South CarolinaIt is impossible to consider your overall health without examining the quality of your sexual health. Approximately 40% of all men over 40 experience some form of erectile dysfunction but with our personalized regimen you will safely regain your prowess and power.

Sexual Health Treatment for Men Charleston SC


We offer The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot.

  • The P-Shot is a painless procedure that helps restore blood flow to your penis. Learn more about the P-Shot.
  • We offer medication plans specifically designed for your needs. Learn more.
  • We offer treatments for severe and mild cases of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • We offer medication and treatment for Premature Ejaculation.
  • We offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy to help with libido and erectile strength.

There is no cure-all for achieving optimal sexual health, but with the proper plan, you will regain, retain, and rejuvenate your sexual peak performance and enjoyment.