Specialty Medication – Men’s Sexual Health Clinic

Mens Sexual Health Medication Charleston SCAn active sex life is something that should be enjoyed by men of all ages, but issues such as erectile dysfunction, low libido and premature ejaculation can interfere and lead to frustration.. At Low Country Male we offer a wide range of specialized compound medications and nutrients designed to revitalize your sexual health. Your customized treatment plan will be tailored to your unique needs and is an integral part of your VitaID.

Specialty Medication – Men’s Sexual Health Medication Charleston SC


We offer:

  • Compounded Oral Medications that are designed to stimulate muscle response and blood flow resulting in better erections and more satisfying orgasm.
    Nutraceuticals designed to boost Nitric Oxide levels and promote healthy blood flows.
  • Painless injectable options that deliver fast and effective results. Our protocols include an auto injecting device to provide painless delivery of the medications.
  • IV Therapy can positively impact the success of your treatment by providing essential vitamins and minerals that enhance sexual health.

It is impossible to consider your overall health without examining the quality of your sexual health. Mood, psyche, motivation and confidence all hinge on this cornerstone of men’s health. The only constant in male sexual paradigms is that they vary wildly, but with our personalized regimen you will safely reclaim your vitality.