Starting Your New Year with High Testosterone

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Starting Your New Year with High Testosterone

Low Testosterone Therapy Charleston

2019 is here, and the best way to start off the new year is with high testosterone or “High T.” Unfortunately, many men currently suffer from the opposite. Low testosterone, or “Low T,” occurs when the male body produces less testosterone than is normal.

This most commonly occurs as men grow older. When men grow older, their bodies lose the ability to produce testosterone at the same rate as when they were younger. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments that can turn Low T into High T.


Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy

In order to increase low testosterone levels often requires low testosterone replacement therapy. Essentially, this means that a series of different treatments will be used by a team of skilled medical practitioners to replace lost testosterone caused by age or other factors.

Some of these therapies include:

  • Testosterone Injections

  • Testosterone Pellets

  • Testosterone Creams


Testosterone Injections

Testosterone can be injected into the body to promote High T levels. Athletes sometimes use steroids to inject unnatural levels of testosterone into their bodies. This allows them to increase muscle mass, strength, stamina, and overall athletic performance. However, steroids are banned by most sporting organizations and can lead to many negative side effects.

Medical practitioners, however, are trained to inject testosterone into the male body for different reasons. Their purpose is to help increase testosterone to natural levels over a period of time. They will not simply shoot you up once or twice but will typically require a commitment to a long-term regiment.

Often testosterone is injected once every 7-10 days. These regular injections “teach” the body to continue creating its own testosterone. The use of regimented testosterone injections by a trained medical practitioners has been shown in various studies to turn Low T into High T.


Testosterone Pellets

Another testosterone replacement therapy involves the use of testosterone pellets.

Unlike injections, these pellets are implanted underneath the skin. They are typically square and measure around 3 mm by 9 mm, smaller than a grain of rice. Using pellets does not require consistent injections. On the contrary, they allow a steady and stable dosage of testosterone to be released into the bloodstream over a period of around 3 to 6 months.


Testosterone Creams

Of course, receiving regular injections or implanting pellets beneath the skin may be too invasive for certain patients. Fortunately, there is a third alternative: testosterone creams.

Using creams may be the easiest testosterone replacement therapy available. It does not require the same level of medical intervention as injections or pellet implants. The cream is simply applied to the skin once or twice on a daily basis for a period of time determined by a medical practitioner.

The only worrisome aspect about testosterone creams is that the patient must remember to apply them according to the doctor’s orders. Applying too much may cause health problems. Furthermore, forgetting to apply it for a multiple period of days may cause the therapy to become less effective.


If you want to start the year off with High T, it might be time to look into testosterone replacement therapy. Various therapies are available including injections, pellet implants, and creams. Determining which one is best for you will likely require a consultation with your doctor. So give them a call today and start living again.