Hi, I am Donnie McDaniel, and judging by the outside, you would not think that I would be a client at Low Country Male receiving testosterone replacement therapy. My wife and I own a gym, I am physically active and have a fairly muscular physique, but I also knew that something was not right with my body and all the usual medical routes were missing the target and focusing only on the symptoms that I was having....

Just what were the symptoms? Well in the gym, I had noticed a decline in my strength and conditioning. I suffered from increased soreness and body fat gain despite weighing and measuring my foods and following my macros to the letter. I had to maintain a significant caloric deficit just to keep excess weight and fat off of my body, but that was just the kind of thing you would notice in the gym. Personally, I had a few of the other symptoms that come along with declining testosterone, but more than the normal ones that everyone thinks of, I struggled with bouts of extreme anxiety and depression. Regular doctors just wanted to treat that with medication, but I was determined to dig deeper into these issues when I found out that deep depression was often associated with a lack of testosterone in men.

I reached out to Low Country Male and went in for my initial screening and found out what I had suspected. My testosterone was low, and its effectiveness was being impacted by epilepsy medication. I began treatment, and within a few weeks, I could see a real improvement in every aspect of my life.  I was especially relieved to see my anxiety and depression symptoms retreat in a way I never even experienced with more conventional methods of treatment. I feel very well cared for as a patient. I am constantly monitored, and we make adjustments as needed. If you are a guy and you are out there feeling like something is just off, you do not have to live like that, there is a path forward! Reach out to Low Country Male and get the help you need.
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- Donnie McDaniel

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