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Do You Qualify For Male Testosterone Therapy?

Lowcountry Male executes a robust diagnostic screen to assess your current wellness and hormone levels. Once our doctors have set a baseline, we embark on creating an intensive, personalized treatment plan for your needs. Our goal is to restore your well-being, energy, and sexual power to levels you have not experienced in years.

Low Testosterone Replacement:

  • Testosterone Pellets: Testosterone pellets are implanted in the soft tissues in your buttocks or thigh . These pellets provide a continuous flow of low levels of Testosterone for a period of 3-4 months. This can be extended however, for up to 6 months once we determine your optimal dose and blood level.
  • Testosterone Injections: Injections are performed directly into the muscles of your thigh or lateral buttocks every 7-10 days. We use is a combo of both short and intermediate acting Testosterone so there is “ramp up” time required for you to feel initial results. We will train you to administer these injections at home or you can always come to the office and have our trained staff administer for you.
  • Bio Identical Testosterone Creams: This cream is applied once or twice a day to your skin. This cream is the easiest way to manage your dosage as it can be changed on a daily basis.

Testosterone is a hormone. In your youth, testosterone puts hair on your chest and is the force behind the vitality and vigor of your sex drive. When you are young, testosterone changes your body from that of a boy into that of a man. As men grow older, testosterone naturally decreases; however, this natural decline in the hormones which created muscles, penis vitality, and sex drive is no longer a foregone fact of aging. Thankfully there are options if you are experiencing low testosterone. With Hormone Replacement Therapy, we can alter and manage your testosterone levels to allow your body to regain the hormone levels of your younger self.

Testosterone therapy (TRT) is a natural and safe way to revitalize male sexual performance, increase youthful energy, encourage muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve mood, and enhance quality of life.

All Testosterone Replacement Therapy Testing is Covered by Insurance

All Lab Work is Included or Reimbursed 60%

Patient Testimonials

  • "They had everything I needed in the office, and it was all within my price range. Within two weeks, my libido was functioning like I was back in my twenties. I never thought that I would have gotten these results from a little tweaking of my system. What I like best is that they keep up with me and know me personally. I feel like they are looking out for my best interest, not just making a buck."
  • "I went to check out these guys bc I thought i may have low T due to a lack of energy. I got on a testosterone plan so that i could have more energy and get in better shape. My T went from 300 to 1000 and i feel like i did back in my 20's. I also figured out i was deficient in vitamin D but they got all my levels up into the optimal range."
  • "Very fair and honest business. When a visit got delayed they made right by it without me asking. Cheaper prices on male meds. Luv the soft tabs."
  • "Everyone was great here. Excellent service and very affordable. Charleston has needed such a place for a long time. They make it very easy to keep your health in check."
  • "Professional and personalized. Love this place! Highly recommend checking it out."
  • "Doing fine this am. Just wanted to say thanks for how easy you guys made the experience for me. I was very anxious about receiving the P shot and almost changed my mind. Stephanie was very professional and caring during the process. She did a excellent job of calming my nerves by carefully explaining ever step of the process. She is a jewel! Great staff and team work at Low Country Male!"

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