An Inside Look at Anti-Aging Treatment for Men

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment For Men

Aging has long been accepted as an inevitable aspect of life that can’t be prevented. However, recent medical discoveries have revealed promising ways to slow down the process. 

Medically speaking, aging is defined as the physiological changes in the body that lead to a decline of biological functions and the ability to adapt to metabolic stress. Aging in men, also known as aging male syndrome, can lead to a variety of symptoms including weight gain and declining sexual health, as well as loss of bone, muscle, hair, and more. 

In the past, aging has been viewed as inevitable, and although it still is, medical developments have revealed a way to treat it in order to prolong a healthy, active life. This allows us to delay and lessen many health conditions and burdens that the elderly experience. The medical language of longevity centers around life-span, however, we at Lowcountry Male value healthspan, or the period of life spent in good health. As a result, we have reviewed the latest medical research in order to come up with a systematic plan to retain and regain youthful vigor and vitality. 

Our program includes three different therapies that can be performed individually or combined to create the ultimate anti-aging treatment for men including, thymic rejuvenation, rapamycin inhibition, and senolytic therapy. 

Continue reading to learn more about how each form of therapy works, as well as the anti-aging benefits you could receive in order to experience the fullness of life for as long as possible!

1. Thymic Rejuvenation

As aging occurs, the immune system becomes slower to respond to foreign substances in the body such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, and cancer cells which eventually lead to inflammation, increased risk of sickness, and slower healing. 

So what is the cause of this decline of the immune system? As we age, the thymus, which is the gland responsible for producing T cells, begins to lose function. T cells are a part of the immune system that play an integral role in attacking antigens and foreign particles. With the thymus losing function and producing less and less T cells, our immune system begins to deteriorate. The goal of Thymic Rejuvenation therapy is to prevent and reverse the gradual immune deterioration that comes with age. 

How it Works

Thymic Rejuvenation at Lowcountry Male has been constructed on findings from a clinical trial known as the TRIIM study (Thymic Regeneration, Immunorestoration and Insulin Mitigation) which resulted in participants shedding 2 years off of their biological age, according to the GrimAge predictor model (a method of analyzing a subject’s DNA to track a person’s biological age vs their chronological age). Based on what was proven to be effective in this study, our Thymic Rejuvenation package uses a combination of CJC/ipamorelin peptides and prescription metformin to revitalize the thymus. 

CJC/Ipamorelin Peptides

CJC/Ipamorelin is a peptide that produces and stimulates the release of human growth hormone (HGH). Naturally, our levels of GH decline as we age, beginning as early as 20 years old. CJC/Ipamorelin is used to reverse this and increase GH levels, which in turn restore the thymus, as well as have the added benefit of increased muscle growth and fat loss. 

Prescription Metformin

In addition to peptide therapy, Metformin is also used in anti-aging regimens for its myriad of health benefits. The drug improves insulin sensitivity and has typically been used to treat clinical diabetes. Metformin increases the levels of a cell enzyme called AMPK, which is able to signal cells to consume stored fat in order to promote weight loss. Strong evidence suggests that due to its protective effects and AMPK-activating properties, metformin can help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even neurodegenerative disorders. 

CJC/Ipamorelin and metformin used in conjunction, in addition to a custom combination of whole body supplements, are able to help restore the thymus and has proven to be an effective anti-aging treatment for men. 

Benefits of Thymic Rejuvenation 

Our Thymic Rejuvenation program will result in increased cellular repair and recovery, improved immune function, and decreased inflammation. You can also expect to see a decrease in body fat, fuller and healthier hair, plus improved skin. Feeling more energized throughout the day and getting a better night’s sleep are additional benefits you can look forward to after treatment.

2. Rapamycin Inhibition

Target of Rapamycin (TOR) is a cellular protein that regulates and drives cellular growth and aging. As we age, TOR levels increase and lead to the production of senescent cells, which are dysfunctional, pro-inflammatory “zombie” cells. The accumulation of these cells in the body leads to inflammation, which is the main cause of many age-related chronic diseases. However, a class of medications known as rapalogs are able to combat these cells and effectively produce an anti-aging effect.

How it Works

Rapalogs are known to inhibit TOR, thereby slowing the body’s creation of the senescent cells that cause aging. Rapalogs also simulate the effects of severe caloric restriction, a state that is able to extend lifespan, but can be difficult to achieve on a regular basis. 

At Lowcountry Male, we offer Ramamycin, the current gold standard in anti-aging medicine. We follow a protocol based on the research of Dr. Blagosklonny and developed by Dr. Alan Green, two knowledgeable leaders in the field of anti-aging. Our medical professionals will prescribe you with a low dose of rapamycin that should be taken once a week in order to maximize benefits and minimize potential side effects.  

Benefits of Rapamycin Inhibition

Ramamycin and the consequential TOR inhibition can lead to many benefits including improved immune health, improved cardiac function, and decreased atherosclerosis. In addition, the benefits of improved metabolic health and insulin sensitivity can lead to weight loss. Another benefit is decreased inflammation and arthritis and improved bone and periodontal health. The medication may even delay cognitive decline, as well as certain types of cancer. 

3. Senolytic Therapy

While Rapamycin Inhibition decreases the development of senescent cells, senolytic therapy eliminates the cells that are already senescent. Since these harmful cells produce factors that damage and kill nearby healthy cells, it is vital to eliminate them in order to prevent aging and increase your lifespan. 

How it Works

Senolytics are able to selectively eliminate the harmful senescent cells, while leaving the healthy cells intact. Animal studies have even shown that treatment with senolytics increased lifespan by 36%, without increasing the health complications associated with end of life. This showed that semolytics have the ability to not only prolong lifespan, but healthspan as well. 

Benefits of Senolytic Therapy 

Health benefits of reducing senescent cells include improved cardiac and vascular function, decreased osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as arrest (or even reverse) of age-related neurodegeneration. Senolytic Therapy could also potentially delay the onset of cancer through the elimination of damaged and possibly oncogenic cells. Additional benefits include improved exercise endurance and decreased frailty, as well as enhanced appearance of hair and skin.

Anti-Aging Treatment for Men at Lowcountry Male

Ready to slow down your aging and increase your healthspan? As a Lowcountry Male, you deserve to be able to do the things you love, whether it be playing sports or enjoying the outdoors, for as long as possible. Get in touch with us to speak with one of our medical professionals and discuss which therapy, or combination of therapies, is best for you. 

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