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Benefits of Growth Hormone Replacement

growth hormone replacement

As we age, the pituitary gland slows down production of one of the body’s most important and basic hormones- Human Growth Hormone. Often associated with negative stories like steroids and cheating in athletic competitions, HGH plays a critical role in many basic bodily functions, including rebuilding of cells and metabolism. Help your pituitary gland and increase your HGH levels with growth hormone replacement.

Increases in Muscle Mass

Human growth hormones are crucial to the stimulation of collagen synthesis, a basic component of bones and muscles. Without adequate collagen, muscles weaken and deteriorate. Injections of HGH can help restore muscle mass and strength. In adults who are deficient in HGH, growth hormone replacement can normalize muscle strength, increase exercise capacity, and improve body composition.

Improved Healing Factors

When a bone is broken, it is necessary for the body to produce a number of new cells, knitting the broken pieces back together with new, strong material. HGH plays a role in this process. A lack of growth hormone can result in difficulty healing and regeneration. Human growth hormone replacement can help speed healing and improve outcomes in older adults.

Weight Regulation

As we age, our metabolism slows down, in part due to the lack of HGH. With dietary and exercise changes, the use of HGH therapy can help restore metabolism and help reduce weight. Since excess weight can put a strain on the heart, joints, and other vital body structures, even a modest reduction in obesity can have an impressive impact on overall health.

Heart Health

As HGH diminishes, the risk of heart disease increases. The body mass and higher triglycerides in patients who are HGH deficient may contribute to the increased risk of heart disease. Heart disease is a number one killer in the United States. HGH therapy can help reduce the likely hood of heart disease.

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