Two Medically-Based Solutions for Weight Loss

All About Medical Weight Loss for Men

Do you want to shed pounds and get back into the best shape of your life? With summer right around the corner, now is the time to take back control of your weight so you can feel healthy and confident. 

Here at Lowcountry Male, we offer a variety of options for medical weight loss so you can lose the weight as quickly and safely as possible. Our medical staff will help you create a healthy weight loss plan based on your preferences and lifestyle. Transform your life with the help of our experienced physicians and medically backed weight loss solutions. 

Continue reading to learn more about the risks associated with obesity in men and the two medically based weight loss solutions we offer here at Lowcountry Male.  

The Effects of Obesity in Men

It is common knowledge that being overweight and obese negatively impacts one’s health and wellbeing as it can lead to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, depression, and many more conditions. However, did you know that obesity in men can also affect male hormones, sexuality, and prostate health?

That’s right — obesity lowers testosterone levels in men! Testosterone is the male hormone  responsible for muscle mass and strength, sex drive, bone density, and more. Low testosterone in men causes a variety of negative effects including erectile dysfunction, smaller testicles, loss of facial hair, and so on. What’s more, obesity in men can also lower sperm count, and therefore negatively impact fertility. 

Obesity is also associated with increased risk of prostate cancer and can make the disease difficult to detect due to decreased prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels. According to a study by the American Cancer Society, being overweight increases a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer by 8%, while being obese increases it by 20%. Additionally, the cancer is harder for doctors to detect using PSA measurements due to the lowered levels. 

If you are not happy with your current body composition, now is the time to lose weight and prioritize your health with our medically based solutions like AOD-9604 peptides and our Phentermine Diet Plan

1. AOD-9064

AOD-9604 is an anti-obesity drug that increases one’s ability to burn fat and lose weight. The drug has been medically researched and several studies have shown that AOD-9604 has an excellent safety profile with no risk against any type of health condition. 

How It Works

Commonly known as the fat-burning peptide, AOD-9064 is able to promote the release of growth hormone (GH) to regulate fat metabolism and allow the body to burn more fat. AOD-9604 stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown or destruction of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (the transformation of nonfat food materials into body fat). Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, AOD-9604 will increase your ability to burn fat and lose weight when coupled with good habits.

AOD-9064 is taken either orally or through subcutaneous injections. It is best administered on an empty stomach at the end of an intermittent fasting period. Our physicians will guide you through the entire process and recommend the best administration method for you based on your current lifestyle. 

Benefits of AOD-9064

AOD-9064 helps with weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and therefore increasing the body’s ability to burn fat. While taking AOD-9064, you can expect to feel more energized since the drug mobilizes stored energy. Additional benefits include increased bone density and muscle recovery, as well as multiple anti-aging benefits. Rest assured this form of weight loss treatment will never disturb your glucose or insulin levels. 

2. Phentermine Diet Plan

Overeating is a common habit in many adult men that leads to unwanted weight gain. Fortunately, the prescription medication phentermine can help to suppress your appetite and combat cravings. It is the most widely prescribed medication in the U.S. used to support weight loss.

How it Works 

Following the advice of our medical staff, the Phentermine Diet Plan is an effective way to find success with your weight loss goals. Research suggests that phentermine is able to suppress hunger by increasing neurotransmitter levels in the brain. The medication is fast-acting and most weight loss occurs in the first weeks, and then continues for several months after starting until you reach your ideal weight. It is important to note, however, that phentermine is only a tool to be used in addition to a healthy diet and exercise. Otherwise, you will not see the results you are trying to achieve. 

Benefits of the Phentermine Diet Plan 

Phetermine’s benefits include feeling fuller for longer after eating as well as decreased cravings. The effectiveness of phentermine for fat loss has been confirmed by several scientific studies after its FDA approval back in 1959. Additional benefits include improved insulin sensitivity, blood sugar control, and balanced cholesterol levels resulting from fat reduction. This medication is taken orally in the form of a capsule for quick and easy administration.

Don’t “Weight” to Get Started

Ready to finally achieve those weight loss goals? Get ready to decrease your likelihood of developing illness and disease, while also improving your sexual health. We are dedicated to turning your health around. Our plans always start by evaluating your current health, utilizing individualized weight loss treatments, and monitoring progress to help you get to your ideal weight. As always, we are committed to keeping you on track and holding you accountable during your weight loss journey.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians to get started! 

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