The Benefits of Testosterone for Men

7 Effects of Boosting Low Testosterone Levels in Men

In a male’s lifetime, hormone levels will fluctuate and lead to changes in behavior, sleep patterns, mood, sexual performance, and more. Maintaining optimal levels at all times can mean the difference between feeling “off” everyday, to feeling your best. One of the biggest hormones to pay attention to is testosterone. 

This male sex hormone regulates sperm production, muscle mass, fat distribution, and even mood. Since testosterone is as essential hormone, low levels can lead to an abundance of distressing symptoms and effects on the body, from reduced sex drive to increased risk of heart disease. 

Did you know that roughly a quarter of men over the age of 30 have low testosterone levels, and that the percentage only increases with age? Luckily, here at Lowcountry Male, we offer a variety of low testosterone treatment options to help you feel like a new man. Continue reading to learn about the benefits our patients experience after getting their testosterone levels back to normal. 

1. Higher Energy Levels

Testosterone is a significant factor in daily energy levels due to its role in the production of red blood cells. These vital cells provide oxygen to the body and help to convert fat and carbohydrates into energy. As a result, men with low testosterone tend to experience extreme mental and physical fatigue. Though you may occasionally feel tired due to a stressful day or lack of sleep, it’s important to note that if you are experiencing chronic fatigue then low testosterone levels may be to blame. However, replacement therapy can bring low levels back to normal, boosting energy and vigor. One you experience the powerful effects, you will be saying “yes” to that workout session or round of golf in no time! 

2. Enhanced Sexual Desire and Performance

If you have been experiencing a lower than usual sex drive, you may want to look into testosterone replacement therapy to regain optimal libido. Low testosterone levels can wreak havoc on a man’s sexual health, leading to reduced desire and erectile dysfunction. A study featured in the The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, found that libido and testosterone levels are strongly correlated. The findings discovered that the subjects who described experiencing lower sexual desire had a higher chance of having low testosterone. When low levels were restored to normal, the men experienced improved sexual desire and function, allowing them to get their sex life back on track!

3. Increased Muscular Strength 

Looking to build muscle and sculpt your body? That may be a difficult feat if you are living with low T. Testosterone plays a major factor in muscle protein synthesis, which repairs muscle damage caused by weight lifting and exercises leading to increased muscle mass. One study measuring the effect of testosterone on strength, found that muscle mass increased by an average of 20% in all nine test subjects after receiving doses of the male hormone. When combined with the right diet and exercise, you can expect to build more lean muscle after restoring your testosterone levels. 

4. Fat Loss

Did you know that in addition to increased muscular strength, testosterone can also aid in fat loss? According to a study, men who are deficient in testosterone  who received replacement therapy experienced a reduction in both waist circumference and BMI. This is likely due to the fact that men with increased muscle mass and tissue burn more calories, even at rest. 

Men who are overweight or obese are more likely to have low testosterone levels since fat cells can turn testosterone into estrogen (a female sex hormone). Since you are at increased risk of low T if you are at a higher weight, it is best to get your levels checked to see if low testosterone is a contributing factor. 

5. Maximized Mental Function 

Testosterone plays a major role in cognitive performance. According to research, testosterone replacement has resulted in increased mental function in the areas of mathematical reasoning, verbal memory, and concentration. Plus, testosterone therapy has been shown to reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in aging men. Therefore, it is vital to keep your testosterone levels in check in order to protect your brain health.

6. Stress Relief and Mood Improvement

Contrary to the popular belief that testosterone makes men more aggressive and angry, the hormone actually improves the mood of men. According to scientific research, it was concluded that testosterone led to improved positive feelings and friendliness and reduced feelings of irritability, stress, anger, and nervousness. It is even thought that testosterone replacement therapy could potentially be used as an antidepressant treatment for men. 

7. Reduced Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, and Death 

Did you know that testosterone can improve heart health in men? As mentioned previously,  testosterone plays a crucial role in red blood cell production. Low levels of these key cells can negatively affect cardiovascular health, leading to increased risk of a variety of heart health conditions and diseases such as coronary artery disease and heart attack. 

Fortunately, scientific studies have shown promise in reducing this risk using testosterone replacement therapy to restore low T levels back to normal. In fact, a European Heart Journal study of over 83,000 patients found that men whose low testosterone was restored using testosterone replacement therapy had a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, and even death compared to men who were not treated. Replacing low testosterone levels is necessary to live a long and healthy life. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy at Lowcountry Male

Unsure if you are living with low testosterone? Take our hormone wellness quiz to assess your symptoms or schedule a consultation with our physicians. Our team will take a comprehensive look at your hormones and the factors that may be leading to low testosterone. We will then create an individualized plan to boost your testosterone levels, revitalizing your life. 

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