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June 6, 2018
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July 6, 2018
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Process of PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

Middle-aged man concerned by hair loss

Process of PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or PRP for hair loss, is one of the most effective treatments available today. Known to restore and regrow lost hair, PRP hair treatment is safe, effective, and relies upon the body’s own natural processes to restore hair.

PRP for Hair Loss

PRP is a treatment that involves taking the growth and rejuvenation factors in the blood, separating

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Dealing with Hair Loss

them out, and re-injecting the concentrated solution into the body to specifically target cells that require additional oxygenation and regrowth. The platelets and other components combine to enrich and nourish the hair follicles and cells and encourage regrowth. After 3-4 injections you’ll start to see noticeable results and new hair that passes the “pull test.”

Hair Loss

Hair loss is often caused by a condition called alopecia. The condition affects both men and women, and

results in hair loss in patches and a receding hair line as hair follicles die. The PRP therapy restores hair follicles and rejuvenates hair growth creating new growth and preserving existing follicles.

PRP Injection

The PRP injection treatment typically takes about an hour to complete. You’ll be treated with a topical numbing agent to prepare the scalp for the treatment, then the injections will be placed according to the area being treated. Your health care professional will ensure that the treatment is injected in the right place to maximize the effect and produce the best possible results.

PRP Hair Treatment

Living with hair loss and a receding hair line can be frustrating. The condition can make you look older than you actually are and diminish your self-confidence and feelings of attractiveness. PRP hair treatment can help restore your confidence along with your hair. Contact us today to learn more about whether PRP injections for hair loss is the right option for you.