How Can PRP Therapy Aid Male Hair Restoration?

Male pattern baldness and various other forms of hair loss are scary to think about for most men. This is especially true for those of us who are genetically disposed to hair loss. Many solutions have been proposed over the last few decades, but today there is a new therapy that’s growing in popularity: PRP Therapy.

But what is PRP therapy? Can it really aid in hair restoration? And how do you decide if it’s right for you?

Understanding Hair Restoration

Many of us have already started balding. Large balls of hair fill up our shower drains. When we come through our once beautiful locks, more and more strands of hair appear between the teeth of the comb. Bald spots and thinning of hair become more and more common.

But what is hair restoration?

To define it simply, hair restoration is the process of restoring hair after male pattern baldness or other forms of hair loss. PRP Therapy is one emerging treatment to help with hair restoration.

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a three-step medical treatment used for hair restoration:

Blood is drawn and placed into a centrifuge which separates the fluids within the blood according to their various densities

Approximately ten minutes after spinning in the centrifuge, the blood is separated into three layers:

Platelet-poor plasma

Platelet-rich plasma

Red blood cells

The platelet-rich plasma is extracted with a syringe and injected into the scalp. After it is injected, hair restoration begins.

Of course, this is still an early and fairly experimental process. A few studies have been performed, but the overall effectiveness of PRP Therapy is still not entirely known.

But there are a lot of men who have tried the procedure and it worked for them.

Is PRP Therapy Right for Me?

There are many other hair restoration therapies available. Some men might want to try something a little less experimental than PRP Therapy. And those other treatments may work out for them.

But they don’t always work the way we intend. PRP therapy using your own body to repair the hair inside of it.

Many men used to be sitting in the corner of a bar drinking alone, their hair falling away strand by strand. But they decided they didn’t want to be that balding, dumpy looking, lonely guy anymore. They opted to PRP therapy, and it changed their lives.

Today, whenever they walk into the bar, something different happens. The eyes of women who would never have looked at them are captivated by that head full of lush hair. There’s no need for cheesy pickup lines or praying that someone would come up and talk to them; all they ever needed was a full head of hair. And now that they do, they are happier, more attractive, and living a better life.

So is PRP right for you?

Well, if you’re balding and are tired of lonely staring into a bottle of beer, it sounds like you might be a perfect candidate. If you want women to be more attracted to you, then it might be time to try something new. It might be time for PRP Therapy.

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