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Is the P Shot Right for Me?

The popular priapus shot (P shot) is a platelet-rich plasma injection that is designed to help men get and maintain an erection and improve their sex life. The injection isn’t so much about erectile dysfunction as it is about erectile enhancement. It is the safe, painless treatment that helps rejuvenate your sex life.

Priapus Shot

The P shot uses natural growth enhancers from your own blood to help improve your erections and your sex life.  The shot is designed to increase the firmness and length of erections and help improve sexual performance. By relying upon the natural growth factors in your own blood, the P shot naturally enhances your erections and rejuvenates your sex life.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is a relatively new technique that was developed to treat damaged tissue and injuries. Our blood contains natural healing and rejuvenation agents that contribute to healing and restoration. We centrifuge the blood and concentrate the platelets in plasma, isolating the critical growth factor that is responsible for enhancing and healing damaged and depleted tissue.

Sex Life

Your sex life is about more than the size and quality of your erections, but those factors do increase your confidence and ability to perform, two factors which do enhance your overall pleasure and connection with your partner. By injecting the rejuvenating agents from your own body, your erections are enhanced and your sex life is enhanced. Call today to learn more about how the P shot can enhance your life and improve your sexual pleasure and performance.