Revitalize Your Sex Life with the Priapus Shot

All About the P Shot for Erectile Enhancement

Have you noticed the strength of your erections declining with age? And would you like to last longer in bed? Luckily, your desires are only one painless injection away with the revolutionary P Shot. 

The Priapus Shot is named after the Greek god of animal and agricultural fertility, since it revitalizes men’s innate sexual vigor. From increasing sex drive to treating common men’s health issues, the P Shot provides many benefits to those who receive it. 

Continue reading to learn more about this FDA-approved procedure that is transforming the sex lives of men by restoring their youthful vitality

How Does the P Shot Work?

The Priapus Shot is a type of PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy that enhances your penis in many ways. It utilizes the natural growth factors and other proteins in your own blood to activate cellular regeneration, collagen production, and the development of new blood vessels in order to treat a range of sexual and urinary conditions. 

6 Top Benefits of the P Shot

1. Strengthens Erections 

Since the P Shot activates blood vessels to allow for increased absorption, it is known to produce stronger, firmer erections that are easier to achieve. Because of this, it is a common treatment for men suffering with erectile dysfunction and can be used in conjunction with ED medications as well as other ED-specific treatments

2. Increased Sensitivity and Pleasure

With more blood flow comes increased sensitivity and pleasure. As a result, the P Shot can provide men with heightened orgasms and greater enjoyment during sexual activities. Engaging in pleasurable sex more frequently may also correlate to better mental health, improved relationships, and a myriad of other health benefits. 

3. Erections Last Longer

Not only does the P Shot result in enhanced erections, it also makes them longer-lasting. Because the blood cells are restored to their optimal function, you can expect to last longer in bed. So if you are suffering with premature ejaculation, the P Shot can help you maintain optimal sexual performance for longer. 

4. Increase in Girth and Length 

As mentioned above, the P Shot stimulates cell renewal and the development of new blood cells. By absorbing more blood, the erect penis can gain up to an inch in length and roughly half an inch in girth. The result is more pleasure for your partner (and more confidence for you)! 

Please Note: Not every patient sees an increase in size as a result of the P Shot. If size is your main concern, please schedule a consultation to determine if the P Shot is the best course of action for your specific goals.

5. Treats Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition in which fibrous scar tissue underneath the skin causes a curved appearance, painful erections, as well as loss of length and girth. It is a very common condition, with roughly 65,000 men being diagnosed each year in the United States alone. 

Peyronie’s Disease is typically caused by penile injury and results in discomfort during sexual activity. This can cause some men to avoid engaging in intercourse altogether —  putting stress on their relationships and emotional wellbeing. The P Shot successfully treats Peyronie’s Disease by promoting healing to repair the shape and functionality of the penis in order to reduce pain. 

6. Improves Urinary Incontinence 

Urinary incontinence, or loss of bladder control, becomes increasingly common in men as aging occurs. It can be caused by weak bladder muscles and nerve damage as a result of diabetes, prostate cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, or other injuries. If urinary incontinence is getting in the way of your social life or other endeavors, it is important to seek treatment, such as the P Shot. 

The P Shot improves symptoms by helping to strengthen and restore the urinary tract, thereby improving bladder control and reducing incontinence. These benefits can have a profound impact on the quality of life, allowing you to engage in activities and hobbies without interruption. 

What to Expect During and After Treatment

The injection of the P Shot has been described as a light prick, since the needle used is extremely thin and numbing cream is applied prior to injection. Therefore, pain is not a common complaint of P Shot recipients. 

Since PRP is extracted from your own blood, the procedure is extremely safe with little to no risk of a negative reaction. 

The entire procedure should take roughly 30 minutes to complete and there is no downtime required. You can even have sex that same night — just wait 4-6 hours after the treatment! Some men notice results immediately, while others see the most improvement approximately 1-3 months after treatment. The results typically last for 12-18 months. 

Receiving the P Shot at Lowcountry Male

Here at Lowcountry Male, we are committed to revitalizing men’s sexual health and wellness needs. With an upscale, modern medical clinic and a team of physicians, you can expect an individualized treatment plan for any of your male health concerns. 

We specialize in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and have a variety of treatments available. Since ED is a complex issue that can have a number of contributing factors, it is important to get to the root cause before determining the best course of action. That is why we at Lowcountry Male take time to evaluate your overall health and assess your needs. Our physicians will then provide you with treatment options based on your lifestyle and goals. 

To learn more about the P Shot, or any of our other men’s health services, contact us by clicking the button below. 

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